TESTIMONY OF ANOINTING MY HOUSE AND THE STRANGEST ENCOUNTER OF MY LIFE:It was then that I realized, it couldn't come any closer because the porch was anointed.

Dear Steve,
Last week I had possibly the weirdest experience ever. You had told us to anoint our doorposts and lintels on several different shows, and I did. I anointed my porch gate, and the entire perimeter of the porch, and all the windows and doors of my little cabin, as well as the gates of the ranch where I live. I have had some strange things happen out here-you may remember the horrible sound I heard about 2-3 years ago, early in the morning, like some wild beast, and it scared me worse than anything I had ever heard-I wrote you about that and a dream I had about the Chinese taking over this ranch, here in southwest Colorado. Anyway, after hearing you talking about sound opening gates or portals, I think the sound I heard back then was something either opening or closing a gate or portal in this vicinity.

Last week, I was unloading laundry from my car, about 20 ft from my porch gate, and about 4 ft from the edge of the big meadow in my valley. The air was quite still and it was very warm. As I was removing the last basket of laundry, I heard a strange noise, sort of like someone blowing out candles. At the same time I felt something blowing strongly on the top of my head. I got a chill down my spine and immediately turned around to see if some large animal was moving through the meadow grass, coming toward me. The grass is about 3 ft tall and very thick due to all the rain we've had. I couldn't see anything that would make that noise, and the air was blowing directly on top of me very forcefully. I looked down and the grass that had been standing up when I was unloading the car, was now mashed down for about a 3-4 sq. ft. area, and I definitely didn't do it---I would have to have stamped and stamped it very hard to mash it down, because it was very thick. The blowing was coming from that spot and it was coming from about 3-4 ft above me! It took me a second to realize that something I couldn't see was standing in that spot, and then I really got shook up. I immediately prayed and rebuked it in Lord Jesus name and then walked very quickly to my gate and got on my porch. As I was standing on the corner of my porch, I heard it again, and felt the blowing down on my head and shoulders, but felt like the "entity" was a little farther away. Then I realized, it couldn't come any closer because the porch was anointed. I prayed again, out loud and told the entity that it had to obey the name of Lord Jesus, and go away and never come back. Suddenly everything felt "clean" again, and I knew it was gone. Later that evening I was listening to Nathan Leal's latest show on H&H in archive, and heard him mention that invisible entities had been released from portals all over the world, and I realized what might have happened. The next day, I prayed again, and asked that the Lord would close all portals and gates in this vicinity, and keep them closed.

This probably has nothing to do with what happened, but the next day I came across a video on you tube with an interview with a bigfoot researcher who also researches reports of the "dog men". She mentioned that bigfoot seems to slip through dimensional portals. When asked if the dog men do the same thing, she said she wasn't absolutely sure about that, but that she had seen them go invisible, and once she saw footprints of one materialize in the sand ahead of her as she was walking to her car. When the first print appeared, her dog went crazy, and ran to the car and jumped through the window and cowered on the floor, and she ran right after it. She also said that more and more reports of the dog men are coming in, and they definitely are not friendly to people, and often attack them. Her description of the dog men and their size-7ft and more tall, rang a bell, and I was immediately reminded of the movie-I think it was "The Return of the Mummy", where there is the huge army of the Anubis warriors. Maybe this is far fetched, but it also reminded me of the statue of Anubis being brought through New York harbor, and wasn't it then put at the Denver Airport? I think the name of the researcher was Shel Dion (not sure of the spelling) and I know nothing about her, but the video interview. Anyway, just some thoughts and maybe connections.

Thank you for reminding us to anoint our homes. Who knows what might have happened if I hadn't followed your advice.Thank you for all that you do. You and all the Watchmen are in my prayers daily.

Jul 8, 2015

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