To those who have ears to hear and eyes to see, look around you and seek understanding. The hearts of many have grown cold and there is no love for one another. The love of God has been taken away but now man is left with his lust for self, and has no desire to help others or to serve me.

The gates are down; the enemy has entered and has found you defenseless. You have refused to listen to the cries of the watchmen I gave to you. They have blown the horns, they have sounded the alarms, but you laughed and refused to listen. Now you will be destroyed because you allowed yourself to become deaf, fat and lazy. Instead of keeping watch, and being strong for battle, you sat down watched your television shows and turned your minds over to pleasures rather than to God. You have allowed your bodies to become weak and lifeless. Your communities are sick and weak, why would you not listen to me when I spoke to you? Why did you not trust me to lead you, and give you understanding?

Plagues are in the land now, they will devour you, and death will overwhelm you. Those who continue to mock me will be eaten up with disease and sickness. Those who have desired to destroy you will have their way with you now. I have lifted my hand from you, and now your land will waste away, and your inhabitance will suffer a terrible death. Did you think that I would not judge you? How long did you think the innocent would cry out before I avenged their blood? Now evil will tear through your land, your inheritance has been taken away; there is no turning back. You have sealed your fate
Destruction is at your doorstep, all who love themselves will cry false tears but they will never repent. Those who have sought Satan and laughed at me will cry for mercy and received none. I have given them over to their selfish desires and their lustful lifestyles, how foolish they are and they think they are so enlightened. I laugh from the Heavens because they see themselves as such wise men and women, when in truth they are ignorant and foolish. In that day when they stand before me they will wish that they had never been born. They have chosen the god they will serve and they chose to serve the idol of selfishness. They see themselves above anyone and they think of themselves as a god. How foolish and how deceived they have become.

For those who call me by my name, you will find refuge under my wings; you will have peace in the midst of the storm. Do not cry when many of you come home, for your time of suffering will come to an end, and your life eternal will begin. Rejoice for the hour of your calling is near, and I will welcome you home. For those who have been called to stay behind to fight my battles, you will not be fighting in your own strength but your Heavenly Father will give His angles charge over you and will stand before you in battle as you stand in faith they will battle for you. I will be with you until the battle is won. Rejoice for the time of the end is coming.

Jul 17, 2015

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