Dream alert from a Canadian believer

Hi Mr. Quayle,

I am a Canadian woman, age 62, and God often speaks to me in dreams. I have friends and family in the USA and have been invited to come down there to visit and I was thinking about visiting friends in Florida for a few winter months. I began to pray about whether I was to go or to stay here. seems i had some uneasy feelings about crossing the border. so I spent a few days praying about whether I am to go to FLorida or not. Well I had a dream.

I dreamt I was in a line up of people, we each had a small bag of belongings. we were separated into groups, i was put with women my age and we ended up in a large warehouse-type place, we were put to work and I was sitting at a table working, in the dream the work wasnt shown so I dont know what exactly it was. but something women my age were able to do with our hands. I was very afraid, and many women around me were also afraid. we knew we were prisoners. but there were some who seemed content as if they didnt know they were prisoners. I kept looking around for a way to escape but there didnt seem to be any. then I remembered I am Canadian and thought that I shouldnt be there a prisoner in the USA. I went to the man in charge of us and I said, "I am Canadian and I need to get to the Canadian embassy so they can get me back home!" and the man said, "they cant help you. get back to work!".
and I woke up startled, I KNEW I had that dream from the Lord and that He was warning me not to cross the border right now.

I pray for all the christians in America, and especially for you.
I know that we are going to suffer here also, in time, but I will obey the Lord and not cross the border.


Sep 29, 2012

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