How many Muslims does it take to murder 4 unarmed Marines? It takes a nation who elects one to office

How many Muslims does it take?

How many Muslims does it take to murder 4 unarmed Marines?

It takes a nation who elects one to office. A group of people who have
become worldly and can not even discern the difference between a Christian
and a Muslim? A nation of individuals who are apathetic and spit in the
face of the Jesus who died and shed His blood for them. A group of people
who haven fallen so far away from God they do not even care to be labeled,
"We are no longer a Christian Nation!", because the truth is we are not.
We have become the accomplice in these murders for we no longer will speak
out against this wickedness!

It takes a Muslim to masquerade as a Christian to deceive and lie to obtain
the highest office in the land. A man who brings in millions of other
Muslim who hate our nation and seek its destruction. A man who sets up
hate, strife, division, and destruction for a once free people who have
become wrapped in chains of bondage to sin. A man who sets up policies to
destroy all things Godly and Israel God's chosen people.

It takes Senators and Congressmen who will not stand for freedom or Godly
principles. A group of men easily bribed and swayed to do the wrong thing.
Men and women so wrapped in sin they no longer even know or care what is
right. People who see treason and refuse to call it so, who proclaim wrong
as right, and right as wrong. A group of men and women who allowed these
unarmed marines to become unarmed which was one of their fundamental rights
as an American.

It takes one man to follow a deceived lunatics teachings. A man full of
hate that rejected the blood of Christ. A man who wanted to shed blood
rather than accepting the blood shed for him at Calvary. Who follows an
angel that appeared to be an angel of light who took him into to the
greatest darkness.

Four unarmed marines who had been willing to lay down their lives for a
nation who has become an accomplice in their murder. How many more
innocent men, women and children will it be?

When judgement comes, not if. Understand that it must. The only way these
people have a chance to turn to God, is that they are shaken into reality.
Judgment may be there only way to find salvation. The real question will
be how severe will judgement have to come to make these people fall on
their faces and repent to the one and only Living GOD! The God of Abraham,
Isaac, and Jacob, the father of Jesus, the Christ who has come to set you
free! Duane

Jul 18, 2015

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