Steve, I think the gvt is red listing. Four days ago a small pickup with post office magnets on the doors stopped on the curb in front of my front door. The guy never got out of the vehicle, but was watching my door and doing something with his hands.

I watched him through a window of my house until he drove away about four minutes later.

I mentioned it to my wife, who was there with me, and observed that it was an odd behavior, as our mailbox is one block away, and he passed it to park at my front to door, and never got out.

Maybe he was texting, right?

But in the last two days I have seen him do the same thing twice more.

We are busy around our small town and driving a lot, and both times I saw this same Toyota Tacoma extended cab truck with post office magnets on the doors drive up to an address, stop, fiddle with his hands out of view, and drive away.

I live in the middle of jade helm central. My town is between the special forces operating around Junction Tx, and the 82nd Airborne jumping into camp Bullis. We are stone cold gun-toting conservatives around here and we will prove it if pushed.

I am a widely published writer of truth, and broke the story a few weeks ago about Palantir being funded by the CIA, and Jade being fueled by Palantir. Palantir is the eye of Mordor, incidentally. Wiki search it.

I'm also x military police investigations and a very outspoken advocate of defending the constitution.

Bottom line is this - my gut instinct is that the post office magnets are cover, and this guy is verifying that people on his list live at the address of record. He is likely obtaining license plate numbers of vehicles on site and using that data to privately confirm that the redlisted individual lives at that address.

If they are red listing ( and you know they gps'd your home already) then the odds of Jade Helm going live in mid-August are higher.

If I see the guy again, I will stop and ask for some postal id. I will also get a good look at his console to see if he has a console-mounted computer in there. The post office does not deliver to houses where I live, so he has no excuse for stopping at these places.
I know that this jade helm deal is warmer than most suspect. I carry a $10 generic and anonymous flip phone and last week I got about five 32kb files texted to me from an unknown number. The NSA tries to inject Trojans into newly activated phones, and from my own years in IT, that 32kb file size is a big red flag.

And then they quit. I think my phone is still anon, but you and I both know things are about to get wet.

Jul 22, 2015

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