Truth is stranger than fiction & people are blind and cannot face nor receive the truth. That is why we are marginalized and hated. You're right. . . they are going to be demonizing the Evangelical church next, esp after the PlanParent revelations. They got caught with they hinder quarters exposed.
Yes, time is short and judgment on USA has already begun.

For your consideration: Why have all deployments been halted? Why have those who have been deployed had their deployments cut short and returned to USA soil? Why has Mil moved heavy metal from east of the Miss to west of the Miss? Why had Canada set 1,000+ heavy metal items on the borders of ID and MT at the military railheads. Check your sources . . . the answers will be prove interesting.
I guarantee the Feds are waiting for riots/"civil disturbances" to start. Pacification will begin in the cities, then inner/surrounding suburbs, then out lying areas. Cities and inner suburbs have he majority minorities populations and EBT cards. Feds prepared bankers three-four years ago about what is expected to happen; from a friend, very scared friend, in the industry.

Jul 30, 2015

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