THIS IS TO IMPORTANT NOT TO POST IN ALERTS:We live in a time where within the church there are worshiped abominations.


I went to a church just the other day
I was curious what the preacher had to say
He didn’t address the world we are living in
He smiled a lot but never spoke of sin.

Out in the lobby I was treated to a latte
They even had a quaint little café.
The folks in the lobby informed me in this church was no legality
Why they were so progressive they even embraced homosexuality.

I overheard a discussion regarding abortion by a lady with a very loud voice
It was very clear this church believed that abortion was a woman’s choice.
Of course all actions are ultimately our own choice; we even choose to sin
But doesn’t the Bible teach that there are some actions God condemns?

I then went to a study class for further investigation
There were no Bibles there and the teacher taught on “self-affirmation.”
I attended then the Single’s Class and quietly took my seat
It didn’t take long to discover most were there seeking partners to “split the sheets.”

I have attended many congregations now continuing my search
I have had many happy experiences but I’m not sure I have yet attended church.
The people there were having affairs just like the folks at work
And to count the teenage pregnancies would take a full time clerk.

I found drug addicts there still clinging to their self-medication
And one had a group that was teaching transcendental meditation.
There were Yoga classes and Prosperity Rallies
There were gymnasiums and bowling alleys.

Pornography was not frowned upon nor was any kind of vice
The predominant message proclaimed is that we should all be “nice.”
Now I thought that nice was a corruption of a word that refers to fools
And these are the things that are now taught in the Sunday Schools.

I heard a preacher say if we’re not healed it is our own fault because we have no faith
I was looking for a place to lay my burdens down, not add more to their weight.
I met men who attended faithfully but were unscrupulous in their business affairs
I soon discovered that I could not tell the wheat from all the tares.

The men were telling stories of the strip club where they had been
And the women in the church themselves exposed quite ample amounts of skin.
No one ever spoke of judgment or the price required of sin
There was more talk of tolerance and the benefits of Zen.

I quit going to those churches and started looking for one who used God’s Word.
One where the lines of right and wrong were clear and were not blurred.
It is hard to find a church nowadays where the Truth is sought and taught
Where the preacher is a man of God and he cannot be bought.

I could go on and on about the places where the spirit of darkness was prevalent.
If you seek you will find, men who fear God and not the world; they are a tiny remnant.
They understand the days we’re in and how powerful and important it is to pray
They believe that God sent His Son so that mankind might be saved.

Saved from eternal judgment and ready for the judgment that is on its way.
I can see that the world is changing and the changes were making me afraid
I was looking for the Truth about the changes so I went to church the other day.
The way is narrow and few will find the Truth, sadly most will by the world be swayed.

God’s word is still inerrant and Truth will not be changed
Whether in the church or out, sin still binds men up in chains
We live in a time when men readily exchange God’s Truth for Satan’s lies
We live in a time when we are seeing those things which were prophesied.

We live in a time where over the door of too many churches should be written “Ichabod”
We live in a time when even the church has abandoned the Living God.
We live in a time where the Spirit of God has left the lying congregations
We live in a time where within the church there are worshiped abominations.

Mathew 25:1-13

Aug 11, 2015

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