Update on CH-47G sighting in Norman, Oklahoma on 11 August 2015.

I contacted a long time best friend, in the 160th SOAR with more than 25 years in Unit, and he confirmed the CH-47Gs, at Tinker, were their unit’s aircraft.

He could not confirm what SOG Unit owned the one I saw drop personnel here in Norman, as that was Operational Information.

I heard other CH-47s, but could not see any other Chinooks in the area.

He conveyed, that without a doubt, the CH-47Gs were on a Joint US Forces only Exercise in our area, with no Foreigners involved.

He and I know that the Higher Rank enlisted, in 160th Soar, are without a doubt Hard Core Constitutional Loving Americans and are aware of the Treason going on at High levels.

I see no nefarious intent in the Activity I witnessed, based on: The individuals appeared to be too ‘green’.

I do see the location being unwarranted.

It is my analysis that someone in Pentagon ordered the Operation in our area because of the massive Federal Employee, Active, Reserve and National Guard Military Population.

Several years ago Norman was selected, by DHS, to test Simulated and Real, but weak, Bioweapon testing because of the lack of resistance from the local population.

I personally witness a Boeing 737 dump massive amount of Polyethylene Glycol on the University of Oklahoma about 9:00 pm in the evening., while walking on campus.

What I witnessed Tuesday morning was a Practice Operation, NOT targeting our area.

The Exercise would not Practice in the Local Target area as part of Operational procedures.

It may target an area nearby, but not the actual Target area.

The Target area of Operations would be subjected to Clandestine Surveillance and de-sensitization over flights, but not actual exercise.

There is ‘normal’ Army National Guard Activity at night in the Norman area.

As mentioned in the previous post, local units of Oklahoma Air National Guard have received and are training in the UH-72s to gain hours and experience.

Norman offers may Visual Landmarks for VFR flying at night.

Also, our local 249th is under the chain of command of 160th SOAR, but flies CH-47Ds.

Hope this helps those desiring more information, but once again, I see no threat, in this assessment, from this incident.

Aug 12, 2015

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