Escape and Evasion from Former Survival,Evasion,Resistance and Escape(SERE) TRAINED LISTENER

Dear Mr. Quayle,

We corresponded briefly in the spring. I'm the former team guy from outside of Chicago. I caught the show you were on tonight with the Hagmanns and thought I'd share something I will always remember from SERE training. One of our instructors was a civilian contractor hired for his experience in escape and evasion named Glenn Miller. Mr. Miller had moved to America and changed his name after Amnesty International had bought his freedom as a inmate in an East German labor prison. He had twice attempted to escape East Germany over the Austrian border and the second time he was captured by the Stasi. After two years in the prison he was brought to a room and asked if he were to be released would he attempt escape from Germany again. Fearing he was about to be executed he told them that he would never give up trying to escape because he would rather die than live under oppresion. The next day he was released to Amnesty International and taken from East Germany. The last day of the SERE course, after we had completed all the training, his last words to us were: "Remember that the worst night of evasion will always be better than the best night in captivity." I will always remember that.

Your brother in our Lord,


Oct 2, 2012

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