China is the first piece in the back rows of a chess game that has been moved ahead of schedule. I would say they would be a "knight piece" along with Russia. The Vatican is the Queen and the anti Christ is the King.

Steve the "oh ---- clock" has started ticking. China is the first piece in the back rows of a chess game that has been moved ahead of schedule. I would say they would be a "knight piece" along with Russia. The Vatican is the Queen and the anti Christ is the King. The Islamic terrorists and their supporters, all the anti Christian supporters, and the Obama loving puppets are pawns. The world "elites", like the bankers, are rooks. All the pawns are being slowly taken out and moved into attack position. The nights have jumped into position and the rooks are posed for a quick and deliberate strike. Let's not forget, their are multiple chess games being played right now. And each game has a new set of enemies but they are all the same, same intent, same outcomes. The world vs Jesus.

But the clock is ticking and the strategic moves will soon be made. China isn't out of this game yet, they have merely been repositioned, this is how the knights in chess can jump around trouble and dodge attacks, but their attacks come out of nowhere. I'm willing to bet you a steak dinner from Salt Grass, that's how they will attack us.

Now it's our turn. They go, then we go right? Well let's not forget that you can pass your turn back to the oponent and wait for a better move. But this will be a move that will be set specifically to weaken the US even more.

This is a tit for tat between the colossal powers of the damned and we play the winner of this game. Do we fight the fake good guys or the real/fake bad guys? Well, to be honest with you, those who are for this world and not for God, sadly, are the bad guys. Even those who support us and protect us.

We, the redeemed, we few Saints, we are the bystanders. We can't choose any of their sides because we've already chosen ours. We've been marked already by God. How fast will the war drums beat come late September? For now it's gone from slow and steady, to mild. The forsaken are gathering up in their posistions and the only ones that can or could stop them wish to devour us and are pulling the fucking strings.

Too bad, we're stuck in the middle of this doomsday chess game. As I see it for now, America the Babylon is holding the white pieces while the new Axis of Evil are holding the black pieces. This is an aggressively dangerous and elaborate game of deceit. What's the next best move Steve?

Does America lose its ass in stocks or does DC push out more policies that restrict our rights more and more to the point that to fight back is a felony and treason.

Or do we start up the war machines and make way for that distant battle ground, the final battle of John's Revelations?

I think we will have war on the home front soon, DHS is just getting too much damn new equipment and weapons for us not to be. Especially when the nation is a couple missing car payments from being reposessed by its lenders.

The drone army, the Droid Army is almost here. As soon as those Darpa enthusiasts can
find a way to keep a two legged Droid from falling while humping a load of killing tools "guns and explosives", it will be mass produced and released with in pretty DHS blue black and gold. Police will soon have a new tool for the mass upcoming riots. Not to mention the flying drone and the four legged hounds that could easily sustain a computer guided Mk 19 grenade launcher plus some light/medium machine guns.

There will be no quarter with these machines. Not the atonomous ones anyway. They would escort Obama's new armed citizens, that are just as big and just as powerful as our military. What's bad is that he's already recruited millions by not condemning these rioters and protesters that go against the law enforcement officers of our Country. This includes me. I saw the evil fill the crowds while I was protecting federal buildings in Ferguson last year. These people, are a black flag and ski mask away from becoming ISIS' doppelganger.

And then when it's gets too over whelming, that's when the foreign troops will be sent in to demobilize the new "violent extremist". The new Counter Violent Extremist (CVE) sub agency that's being developed in DHS might run the attack on those dumbass Americans who turned into the new westernized ISIS.

I read parts of the directives for the CVE along with DHS' plans for beefing up security between 2014 and 2018. I'll send those since they're public documents that I got off website.

At least that proves I'm not sending top secret documents or classified documents that could risk our country's safety.

Steve as a veteran and a cop and DAMN TEXAN I am telling you that my soul is telling me to go my knees and pray for mercy on our nation and this world. But it's ok because God is on our side, the Holy Commander of heavenly armies is preparing the multitude. I hope that I may be counted as one of His saints.

God will unleash the hordes of hell upon this earth and all its inhabitants. Whatever the Damned have cooked up ain't got nothing on God's wrath.

Now is a time for praying for discernment and wisdom. We have to get spiritually prepared because the whole scheme in the giant chess game, is for them to win the world and us to lose our faith in God.

Be safe my brother.

Skeggold, Skalmold, Skildir ro Klofnir
Axe Time, Sword Time, Splinter Their Shields.

Aug 28, 2015

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