Fools,in their dedication to honoring depravity,haven’t considered their choices bear tremendous gravity!

(Preparing for Eternity)

How could I possibly describe the lateness of the hour?
Or what words would reveal God’s deliverance or His power?
Is there a measurement small enough to measure the time till God’s judgment falls?
Is there any language capable to articulate the might of Him who created all?

Both are without measure, the minutia of the time that now remains,
And the immensity of the power which the Living God contains.
Deliverance in the coming days is reserved for those who are repentant.
Those who are clothed in righteousness, they will be the remnant.

The mockers and the scoffers and those who good despise
Will reap the whirlwind of God’s wrath for clinging to their lies
The God haters and deniers we have esteemed; they are in truth but fools
Good men by doing nothing allowed them position to impose a Godless rule.

Fools, in their dedication to honoring depravity
Haven’t considered choices bear tremendous gravity.
They have petitioned the bramble to be their king
And in the end the bramble will turn on them with a fiery sting.

They will cry “peace and safety” but only find destruction from which they will not escape.
The righteous man, by prayer and fasting will live not by what he sees;
He will live instead by faith.
Signs have been displayed and warnings have been sounded,
And now we have choices we must make.
To perish with the fools or be delivered by God’s power, your future is at stake.

Alas the only sure future is in eternity, and our time to prepare for it is nearly past.
The past cannot be recovered and the choice you make today could be your last.
Be not deceived for God will not be mocked and our sins come home to roost.
Seeds were sown to the wind…
And the hour is now upon us to reap the whirlwind that shall be loosed.

Some in arrogance will stand their ground only to ultimately fall
Some will stand on powerful promises and answer to the call,
The call of One who stands knocking at the door waiting to come in,
Peace and safety, deliverance and tomorrow are only found in Him.

By Randy Conway

Aug 30, 2015

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