Jade Helm is still alive and well I see. We have the same Blackhawks being spotted through Texas as well as drones flying over towns just above the tree lines. SF is crawling around doing who knows what, if it truly SF...

Sadly, the cops and the military are just following orders, we have lively hoods as well and we like to get our paychecks too just like everyone else. However, as I mentioned before, it's not the ground troops that are the problems, it's the leadership. These exercises so far seem to be just that, even if some of the events seems obsurd and dangerous to the public.

We need solidarity amongst the American people, we do not need to plan a war with the government. Mainly because talks of that will get you thrown in prison but also because the American public as a whole is ignorant and dangerous. There's millions of guys like us just want our Land of The Free back but we have to wait for the right move. But the bad apples in the Patriot movement and those outsiders who claim to be us, would ruin everything by using unnecessary violence. While saying that and knowing that this is a recorded conversation that is given to the intellegence agencies, I am not calling for armed conflict. The Obama movement is and they will bring the fight to us. It's like an old Marine Corps quote that I love, "sir were surrounded on all sides," "Great! That means we can fire in all directions!"

We need to get the elected officials to fight for us and hear our well known fears and concerns. I would say that all these guys who are witnessing all these scary and strange events should be flooding there congressmans office's with letters stating such events. We can't just leave this to ourselves to fix, because simply, there's no coercion amongst the American people.

These very small groups of protesters get all the lime light, I say the Patriot movement needs to start protesting the "Black lives matters" protesters in massive groups. And reach out to all local law enforcement communities and show them that they want to trust and back the decisions that are being made and carried out by the law enforcement communties. Because as of now, we police think that anyone and everyone could be potentially waiting to ambush us. But just today alone I've had at least 10 people tell me thank you and God bless what we do. We peace keepers need to be reminded that just as we are out every day protecting the people, that also the people are protecting us and our families.

If we can get that going Steve, the plan to start a revolution in this country will be shut down. Because the American People and the American Law Enforcement run this country not the politicians. I pray Steve that more people will see the good that we do and not the few bad. The Sheriff in Milwaukee County must be contacted and he must hear this. If we can get all Sheriff departments to unite, we will win that part of this war. Then it will be working with the state and federal law enforcement.

As I told you before, almost 98% of federal law enforcement are former veterans and all are patriots. We just have to see that faith and good will has been reestablished with us. We can do a counter CVE by working together against the globislt that wish to see our demise and I mean the country as a whole. I want so bad to go on t.v. and say this but it's too dangerous for me and the thousands like me.

Obama's plans need to be fully exposed at all times on national television. Along with the outreach of us cops to the communities asking for support. Just imagine what would happen if we all united and thwarted the violent protesters with an overwhelming force of God fearing patriots. The rioters would be forced to stop. People can make civilian arrest, why aren't they doing it for those rioters that are incisnting violence or committing acts of violence? Well one thought would be that they themselves would be charged wrongfully or worse, no one else would help them. But that's why the law enforcement and communties outreach must be started immediately so that we worked with each other to stop this wickedness. I give you full permission to send this to whomever that is with our cause. And I still hope and pray that Obama comes to his senses and see the destruction that he has started and repents to God and ask for his forgiveness. Sadly I just don't see that part happening.

We must pray for our deliverance and God's spirit to be poured out on his children. We must unite...we must unite.

Sep 2, 2015

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