More Jade Helm intel ...Hamilton MT!!!

I have been advised to send this to you...

Yesterday, September 1, I witnessed one black hawk chopper land in Hamilton City within 2 blocks of Tire-Rama. I saw two others circling above at low altitude. There were unmarked federal vehicles everywhere as well as "observers" in plain clothes parked and watching. Inside several unmarked vehicles parked along the streets of Hamilton near Tire Rama there appeared to be military equipment. I observed a black "hearse-type vehicle" cruising the immediate area with darkened back windows that came on scene twice. The "false-flag" event featured a paratrooper supposed to be injured when his chute failed to open properly that landed on a side street behind Tire Rama. The paratrooper, dressed in military garb, was NOT injured as I was only 150 feet from him and could clearly see it was a farce exercise. The ambulance from Marcus Daly Hospital left the scene within just a few minutes of arriving but the local Hamilton police and the Sheriff Dept. gave assistance with crowd control and street barricade. The uninjured parachute "victim" was put on a stretcher and whisked out of the area by the black-hawk chopper which had landed nearby in a parking lot. I was just 50 feet from the unmarked black hawk chopper with refueling nose gear and witnessed the entire operation first hand .

This is just another nail in the Patriot coffin as federal troops integrate with local police and sheriffs. In a show of force, it also serves to "soften up" any pockets of resistance that might entertain opposing the unconstitutional federal and multi-national tyrants when the "shut down" begins (I'm sure very soon!!). For those "on the fence" as to lawfully exercising their rightful duty to protect Constitution at ALL costs, they have now had a visual demonstration of what's coming in the days and weeks ahead. The "unsure" and "wimpy" among us are now being separated through visual, on-site military demonstration! I'm sure that right now many who mouthed off that they would resist any form of tyrannical NWO take over are convinced that they should comply rather than resist. Large and ominous military equipment has the sheer appearance of doom..

To finally realize that none of this is a "conspiracy theory" as the media depicts is sobering! These SF assets carrying out treasonous armed maneuvers in our own neighborhoods ...using our own sons and daughters as tools of impending destruction is despicable!!..

Monday, August 31, there were several eye witness accounts of SF operatives parachuting and landing in the Blodgett area of Hamilton. The SF assets "disappeared" in the neighborhood after parachuting into town. Also, another Patriot, (unidentified) who himself is a trained retired military asset saw three black hawks flying a low level grid pattern over Hamilton for several hours yesterday. The choppers are painted black and unmarked. Who are these veiled military personnel who fly UNMARKED black aircraft into and out of our small town? It should be noted that massive U.N. and Russian troops are now assembled all across our country. Thousands of Satellite photos on the net confirm the troop build up that is not of only U.S. origin. It is just like a war zone! WHY??

Ravalli County Sheriff Hoffman has the power to say no, but just like his position against the "Oath Keepers" this is just more evidence of how our local police forces are being brainwashed into the Federal model that will one day soon enslave us when martial law is declared. We ALL need to inundate Sheriff Hoffman with letters of protest and demand he do his job and protect us from Federal tyranny according to his Sworn Oath of office!

Sep 2, 2015

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