Brother Bob Oct 3rd Revelation about USA future


Fall/Winter/Early Spring of 2012/2013; will unfold as, "unknown terrain." Air currents at various levels of Earth's atmosphere will precipitate and create some of the most dangerous, devastating, and destructive meteorological conditions since records have been kept and archived. This will cause agricultural crop calendars to be rendered null and void. Thus, seed times and harvests shall be in such confusion as to bankrupt and/or bring farmers to the very brink of not being able to continue farming. The Bread Basket of America's food production will be so reduced as to set the Commodities Markets into a virtual panic and bring some Exchanges to the very brink of collapse.

Fear will grip banks, co-ops, financial institutions, etc., that would normally loan to farmers in preparation for their forthcoming plantings season(s), to the extent that said loans will not be forthcoming, said banks, co-ops, financial institutions, etc., will "call in their previous loans," placing the farmers and their farms in dire jeopardy of being foreclosed on. Even with all of the farmers and their farms assets under consideration as collateral, said collateral will not be enough to cover their present outstanding loans; and, thus, the aforementioned farmers and their farms will be placed on the "Auction Block," to cover some, but not all of their debts. Hence, the farming families will of a necessity, be forced to declare bankruptcy; wiping out all of their present and much of their future assets and earnings. With this as the situational circumstance, food shortages will ensue.

First, from the most distant points from the farm food production cycle, (cities especially); eventually working said food shortages back towards the remaining farms in production of basic food stock. Most people yet remain oblivious to the dangers of America's fragile food production and supply systems. Without the various food stores/shops having reasonably stocked shelves and freezers, people will almost "overnight," awaken to the looming dangers of potential hunger among the general populace; hence, an unexpected, unprecedented, unprepared for, "run on the stores/shops," remaining food supplies. This will created a "panic mob mentality," that will quickly exceed local and state governments capabilities to control.

"Jungle law...survival of the fittest," shall overtake many areas of our beloved America with such speed, that graft and gangs will quickly grasp the situation, take control from the farm to the local shopper, sending food prices beyond the household budgets of many/most to cope. Deuteronomy 28 specifically states that when judgment is overtaking a people/nation, one of the very first factors involved in said judgment deals with agriculture. Why ? Without food, a people/nation cannot continue; cannot defend themselves; and are opened to destruction from within and without. Sickness, disease, illness of any kind, weaken a people/nation; to the point of defeat and/or surrender to those who would arise from within to impose their will; and, attack from without to an enemy determined to conqueror and subjugate a people/nation.

Without petroleum products: farm equipment becomes useless, transportation to the food supply system ceases to function, freezer transportation units (trucks, trains, and aircraft) will have food spoiling and/or rotting onboard for lack of fuel to supply power to said freezer/cooler units, electrical facilities used to keep food stores/shops open and functioning shall be without the required fuel/power supply to maintain a working and open store/shop to their respective customers; creating a food supply system without the ability to maintain itself; and, thus an internal collapse of readily available food.

Bio and Chemical Warfare will be introduced into as yet another factor attacking the farm production of food; as well as disrupting the overall food supply system with catastrophic end results. What may reach "the market," may not be fit for human consumption. Nevertheless, many will be so driven by "hunger," that they will purchase what food they can, as they can, it they can; only to find that they are ingesting their own early and lingering death. Starvation and famine are about to stalk our precious homeland of America.


Oct 4, 2012

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