Louis Farrakhan: 'Stalk Them and Kill Them'– Muslim Leader Call for 10,000 Volunteers to Kill White People

FROM LEO OFFICER:This is almost mirroring what I've been talking about and what I've written to you previously but, Farrakahn is protected by Obama, just like Sharpton is. What these men don't understand, or they're not seeming to grasp, is that they will be the fall men, they will be the scapegoats for the government. These men will incite violence and they will not take responsibility for their actions. If their plans for a race war happens, Obama will be able to come after them and say that he has solved the problem. Meanwhile, Obama's race war will still have happened. What Farrakahn is asking for is an American jihad that will involve this prislam(ISLAMIC PRISONERS) extremists and his followers, starting one of the many wars that are coming. I'm expecting to hear a call for jihad from the black community and then it will give the BLM movement the vindication and approval to start proxy wars on the streets of America. Farrakahn is a Muslim preist, an Imam and was preaching this in a supposed Christian church. This shows us that the black Christian and Muslim communities may band together to accomplish a single goal. This is the American ISIS movement.

Sep 2, 2015

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