EMERGENCY ALERT CONCERNING- Surprise East Coast Military Air Drill to Effect Civilian Radar and Early Warning System

Heavy activity on Russian
VLF comm channel. The movement involves a large signal intelligence/spy vessel of the Russians that has been
Tracked going up and down the east coast and in the carribean, and also a whole task force of
Chinese sailing now already getting close to Alaska. Then last night a statement by the RUSSIAN MILITARY
That they are preparing an answer to the US sanctions, and it will NOT be like them, but something
To make the US wish it had not done them. China does
Blame the US for the three big explosions and also does not like the threats of sanctions either for
The cyber stuff. So, the bear and the dragon are both very angry and may just decide to do something
About it all, maybe starting in Syria and then having in position a retaliatory strike near CONUS (THE US MAINLAND)

Sep 3, 2015

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