I told you this would happen...and by the way, that new "real id" will have a RFID placed in it. So when you leave your boundary state, the government or police will know. Yes it would be obvious because it's your state ID, but, what happens when you attempt to leave your state and you do not have the new REAL ID? Do you get deported back to your home state, are you considered illegal, ...where the hell does this go next? Well probably with the RFID PLACED IN YOUR VEHICLE! OR PERSON. You know, for your safety in case of an emergency. A global tracking system of all persons...and all vehicles...that way you can never escape SKYNET and it's terminators that darpa will soon pull out. Mark my word Steve, you will soon see robotic police vehicles on the highways to catch people breaking the law, no matter how minor, and every infraction will be a point against your driver permit...just like in the 'Fifth element'. Virginia already uses drones with radar to catch people speeding..it's already happening...

Sep 18, 2015

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