It's weird Steve, there is a blatant disregard for growing threats, but there is also growing anxiety amongst us...everyone, even the disbelievers are saying that something is fixing to happen...you know Steve people are just like animals during or before a traumatic event, you can see or as I say you can feel the fear amongst the people...everyone is doing double looks at people and turning around watching their backs...normally people are so stupid they just go blank and stop observing their surroundings...people are starting to make eye contact with me, instead of looking down or past me. That means people are looking for your intent when they look into your eyes. I know this because I was part of the first "Human Hunter Tracker Program". We were taught how to read body language in a very different way..not only tracking, but also for micro interagation tactics, meaning on the spot interagation. Steve, I constantly stop and talk with random people and I always insert the same question, "it's been feeling weird lately hasn't it?" Friday I talked to 20 people and during that time I asked everyone of them the same thing, "it's been feeling weird like something is gonna happen soon doesn't it?" 19 out of 20 said "ya it really does". This is both civilian, military and law enforcement...

Everyone can sense this, but if you are extra sensitive you can smell the fear in the air.. that's actually proven, it's a release of pheromones by animals and humans, and it can actually be sensed. 8 years of training on how to scare someone into telling me what they are hiding has proven that I can actually sense fear now. This was a highly sought after project by the military and it paid off.

So yes, the tension level is obvious now. Watch the reporters on the news, you can see the fear in their eyes. But you won't really see this in many of the minor elite "actors and sports stars". Their level of being brainwashed has blinded them.

Sep 19, 2015

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