Well Steve from my special operations back ground, mercenary back ground and now federal law enforcement background I would suggest you weaken the enemy in every way possible before you have coordinated attacks on it. Psyops is what's going on right now, NFL and Presidential Debates, a pending war in Syria with Russia and ISIS, Civil war looming in the country, the Popes Visit for peace or whatever he calls his deception, Conspiracy Theories out the wazoo, Biblical prophecies coming true, and so on and so forth. Soon mass hysteria will over take this country, and the President will swoop in as our saviour with more promises on how to fix things..I think this is what we are facing now and will through to December..we are still too strong to be attacked...but it's coming.. the Gog Magog War is building...look at how many coalitions are fighting ISIS right now in Syria...and almost every country in their has problems with the other.. I honestly thought that this would happen this month...but we still have a few days left. And we may very well see a Red October..

Sep 23, 2015

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