Hi Steve, this may seem like a strange thing for me to send an alert about, but something tells me that i should mention this to you. I am camping in the Poconos area of PA, and around 12:20am on Thursday, 9/24/15 (about 20 minutes ago) the strangest thing happened-never in my 5 years of camping here have I ever witnessed this! I was sitting outside of my trailer reading on my phone when i began to hear faint howling sounds coming from the North. It sounded like howling dogs at first but soon died down within less then a minute. Suddenly to the south of me noise began as well. This sound was different because at first i thought it was people yelling and screaming. My thought was, maybe there was a sporting event and that was the reaction of the losing team and fans. But as the sound grew, it became apparent that it was coming from the woods and it was from the animals! Is was as if the woods suddenly came alive! Then the northern howling began again and i got chills. The woods all around me began howling with all different type of animal cries and howls. Simultaneously, the dogs at the campground began howling. For a full two minutes all the animals around went crazy both domestic and wild.
Not sure of what to make of it since I have never in my life experienced this?

Sep 24, 2015

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