Like I told you before Steve there's a lot of us out there in the top secret and beyond community that is pushing out intel little by little. This sadly is my mind set now, those that I've told, I gave all the same warning. When it starts, and if you can make it to me, don't be empty handed. And then I would hear their laughs. And I would go further into my warning, when this happens and you come to my protection empty handed and expecting me to take care of you, you will be suprised at my lack of response. This may sound bad, in fact I know it does, but I had to tell my oldest brother after I tried waking him up to what is going to happen, that if he came empty handed and he would leave with only the shoes on his feet. This is how serious it will get Steve, thankfully I am a Christian and my values would not allow me to do such an action, but the mercenary side of me would. What I'm trying to explain is, it's so dead serious right now, that if I were to take people in, who didn't come prepared, I would be taking my small ration of food away from my children. THAT'S NOT HAPPENING. Also i praise God that he gave me my wife who can keep that side of me in balance during these situations. But what I'm saying is yes, this is happening, yes it's going to happen, and no of course we don't know an exact date. I maybe high up in FED GOV ,but I still have to wait for days or weeks to get an email response from someone for crime stats. If the US Army has a plan to shut down and stop all traffic and significant incidents from happening in New York City, on the first day, fight the city on the second day, capture the city on the third and by the fourth day move to another city; then that would tell us that 24 hours after a massive shutdown or Martial Law event, your screwed and you ain't getting out of it no time soon.

I want you to know that's part of my damn job...it's hard being an insider, it's hard knowing when to stop and get out or when to know that I've gone too deep. Well, I'm at the waters edge looking into the abyss and the next step is the plunge. Please Steve, be ready, but think of this, can you stop a platoon of infantry Marines or Russians that are accompanied with a few tanks and drones carrying lethal weapons? Only safe bet is to go to a place where choke points and concealment go hand in hand. Time to go to the woods. Over head tree cover can break up heat signatures, thousands of trees can block tanks and ground troops...choke points and concealment plus cover. Your homes are coffins, your cars are hursts, and no commercial grade underground bunker or reinforced house can stop me from wanting to get to you, period. There is nothing you can do about it. Get out of the cities, get out of the towns, time for running and hiding will be irrelevant when you have no safe place to go. Oh ya, for those who love their cell phones and tablets, if you go into the woods or mountains or valleys to make your shelter, don't bring your electronics. If you feel you have to then disable them by wrapping them up in the EMP pouches and foil and take the battery out. It can all be tracked. It is all being tracked. Be prepared, make your shelter now, make it small, and make sure your off the beaten path. I have 12 shelters, that only need supplies. Made from the enviroment and looks like it belongs there..think of why we couldn't defeat the Vietnamese. Sorry for the rant, but I'm at the point that I can't be civil about this sort of thing anymore, all I can do is try to scare sense into people. God help us all, Lord help me when it starts.

Oct 7, 2015

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