L.E.O, we have been getting reports that domestic terrorist have been trying to shut down the grid, and so has China and Russia

Hello Mr. Quayle

I follow your website several time a day and would like to say it is very informative, I live in Vernal Utah, I have a life long friend in Castle Dale Utah
we text quite often, she was telling me yesterday that she is dating a man that is new to the area over there, he was brought in to oversee the
shutdown of both of the coal fired power plants there supposedly for major repairs, I thought it was kinda funny because they are located fairly close to the areas that the military was conducting jade helm exercises, I have never mentioned the exercises or anything to her, she also said she had seen several ,military trucks and personnel in the area recently, if I'm not mistaken those power plants send most of their power to the west coast area,
normally I am one of the quiet people that don't email things like this but I think it may be of some concern to people, it concerns me too, thank you for you time, I would like to stay this anonymous to the public.

god bless you H.

Oct 8, 2015

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