" Beware Gog, highest ruler of Meshech and Tubal. I oppose you. I am going to turn you around, insert sharp hooks into your jaws, and haul you off with your entire army."

*This means until an entire nations army is in this fight it hasn't started yet.
*To me the word "sharp" in sharp hooks means something must dramatically hurt this nation in a way that it must turn it's full attention and effort into this fight. Maybe something like the "green light" for NATO AND EU fighter jets to shoot down Russian planes.
*Also it says hooks plural, this means there are going to be multiple reasons for going to war.

"Horses and riders outfitted with armor, breastplates, body sheilds, and swords."

*This means it's a fully functional and advanced military. Nothing rag tag like ISIS or the "FSA rebels". This is speaking of an army that has armored vehicles, armored troops, and rifles. The rifle is considered the modern day sword. The armored horse and chariot is the modern day tank.

"Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya will be there too, marching behind with sheilds and helmets, along with Gomer's troops and Beth-togarmahs troops from the far north. Numerous nations will be a part of your coalition. "

*Persia is IRAN and they want to destroy everyone, especially Jews and Christians. Iran also has started up their Nuclear refinement plants thanks to Obama. Persia is also in the land of Japeth, a son of Noah.
*Gomer is in the land of Japeth, that is also now know as TURKEY.
*ETHIOPIA is positioned south of Israel and across the Red Sea from SAUDI ARABIA.
*LIBYA one of the major countries that got ISIS started. And owns major strategic ports.
*Both Libya and Ethiopia are in the ancient lands of Ham, the youngest of Noah's sons who sinned against Noah and his offspring Caanan was cursed by Noah. Ham is also the great grandfather of Nimrod, who built Babylon and wore the Animal skins of Adam.
*Sheilds and Helmets means they may take the blunt of the attack as simple ground troops that are lacking in advanced weapons.

So there you have it TURKEY,IRAN,SAUDI ARABIA,LIBYA, ETHIOPIA. Magog is a of Japeth. So I think Magog is possibly Turkey. Gog is a person who lives in Magog. Possibly the ruler of Tureky.

Verse 8 mentions that "Sometime in the latter years, you are going to seize a nation that has been reconstructed after war-a nation of people gathered from many countries and brought to Israel ' mountains - the mountains that were, for many years, nothing but rubble."
* I think this is speaking of Iraq and soon to be Syria.

Verse 15. "You and your vast Army recruited from the many nations, all mounted on horses, will March as one force down from the FAR NORTH. Like a storm whose clouds cover the land, you will go up and attack My people Israel."
* Turkey, is Gog, and is north of Israel. : FEEDBACK FROM MARK--Omitted from that scriptural interpretation is the detail that Turkey is a member of NATO. An attack on a NATO member is
by treaty an attack on all members of NATO. All members are bound by treaty to respond to protect the attacked member.
Turkey == NATO for purposes of that interpretation

Oct 12, 2015

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