This country is hijacked by the greedy, the corrupt, and the political agenda of the whore media .The ignorant are their minions, and the cowards are letting it happen.

-The zombies vote in the demons and the church is more accepting of the devil than of God. Since when did America the great become America the destroyer? You people, you ignorant pukes, you who do not stand up for your Lord and your "land of the free" are to blame. You who willfully watch the world destroy itself and pass by the dead and damned, to only take a selfie, are to blame. You who allow this, will stumble on the stone. You who see the evil and call it good, will fall to your knees. You who accept this blasphemous way of life, will be the reason why your life will be lost. Laugh now. Enjoy the fluoride in your water and toxic vaccines. Admire the dumbing down of your children in school and keep spending your money that means nothing. This is your warning America, you are on your knees now and the executioner cometh..His name is Sharia and his sword is his law. You did this America. God is not with you now. He is stepping back and allowing this, Oh Great Babylon, you fools. You who read this and dont pray for God's mercy, will greet His wrath. You are to blame America. Enjoy!

Bobby told us that he would not post this for fear of ridicule by his family and others. And that's when I got mad and the spirit told me, let him have it So I went on a quick rant about how no matter what you think at this point, what you do and say, will matter. More especially God will see what you will and will not do. I told him, Bobby by posting this you could be saving a life. And the I saw him start to really think about it. Bobby is a good man, but as we learned last night, also was a member of the Church of Christ. The church we went to visit yesterday was also a Church of Christ and is a very passive and soft spoken 'group of ghosts' that have no fire in their spirit anymore. I was so disgusted by the so called sermon that I had to go to God and just pray and told God, Lord I'm sitting in a grave yard with the dead. The sermon consisted of the same old thing, Jesus is Lord, Jesus is peaceful, Jesus loves you and Jesus was a great guy and should try to be a great guy like him too!
During my praying I told the Lord, there is no fire here for you Lord, please release your spirit upon these weak Christians and save them for they are being lead astray. And that's what they are, they are weak in Christ. This is funny, a young pastor walked over to come and meet us after the organized singing was finally done with and before he could introduce himself my wife laid into him. She asked him, why are all not preparing the church for what's happening and soon to happen? She said you need to be getting this flock ready for judgement. Look at whats going on with Russia and America! This is the time, you must prepare! She said God has shown her and thousands of others visions of our destruction! The young pastor was caught off guard. He than began to go into this weird physcologist monolog and said "well when did you start having these dreams" and that, this is why we're here now praising God. I laughed in his face and told him you just don't get it. FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENT WHO DEFINITELY GETS IT, ALONG WITH HIS BOLD WIFE!

Nov 2, 2015

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