Hello Steve, I'm Hector and I would like to share my experience that my family and I had on November 7, 2015 at Salton Sea California. My family and I were at Salton Sea California (Nov. 7, 2015 around 6:00 pm) Bar B Queing when a strange bright light appear in the night sky. When we first saw it, it appear as a bright huge star lighting up the night sky as if it was a flashlight. The bright light star looking type did not move either up or down or sideways, it just stood still for about 5 to 10 minutes with no sound what so ever. Then a blue mixed in with green color shot out of the bright like star or light and it eventually turned into a cloud as it slowly dissipated into the sky. There was also another strange object on the right side of the bright light which look like 3 stars going in an upward and downward position but it was staying still, it was unexplainable. This thing just came out of nowhere, it gave us all a big surprised. One of my cousin's tried to record the mysterious bright light but for some reason it only recorded the sound of us talking but the imagery did not show. It could had been a missile test as the news have been reporting it but it did not look like one from our stand and also if it was a missile test, where did the missile land? Was the missile (If it was) harmless and since it was seen over a variety of locations across Southern California and other parts of the country, was it safe to launch it without advising the public. The blue mixed in with green dust cloud that it left behind, was that harmful? My family and I were almost right underneath this mysterious bright light object and if the military or government were conducting missile test, why did they tested in a populated area and what would of happened if it failed? Not exactly sure what it was but I can say for sure that it did not look like a missile. Thank you for your time and God bless you in Christ Jesus our Lord...

Nov 9, 2015

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