Proof of concept display LAX Missile Test Estimate Update--it becomes obvious that we have a very dangerous situation brewing. Very dangerous.

Based on what I witnessed with the bright white beam of light encasing a blue beam, followed by apparitions in the sky I did some research. I believe that what happened is connected with Space acquisition, especially in light of a perceived China threat. I'll try to be as clear as possible and will start with a 60 Minutes report from August of this year titled "The Battle Above".

Fears of China shooting down our important satelites coupled with rising tensions between our country, China and Russia would be the impetus for fast actions to carry out what General C. Robert Kehler of US Air Force Space Command wanted to do back in 2009, which was a 3 phase acquisition of Space. Read page 3

Laser beam technology is a part of this and if you read the article I first sent you again, you will see that a military missile launch is involved in measuring an "enormous energy surge (plasma discharge) emanating from the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory located in Menlo Park, California."

I came to the link below after doing some more research about SLAC. They deal with laser beam technology. What I saw involved 2 huge beams of light, a huge white beam and a blue beam (illustrated by the picture below, which was followed by that odd display in the sky of multiple explosions creating replicating cloud (or plasma) forms.
Demonstration of relativistic electron beam focusing by a laser-plasma lens : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing GroupIf you tie all of this together with the initial 60 minute report, and the 2009 report from Air Force Space Command... and then keep in mind that tensions are growing between the U.S., China and Russia over Syria, the tensions over who owns the China Sea, the TPP along with the Pacific pivot it becomes obvious that we have a very dangerous situation brewing. Very dangerous. HEATHER

Nov 10, 2015

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