Hello Brother Steve,

How are you? Today I saw the post on your web site regarding U.S. Senate Bill 1203, Section 101, which requires all veterans, through the Department of Veterans Affairs, to receive mandatory vaccinates of over 90 listed vaccines of undisclosed nature. I cannot begin to tell you the height of the righteous indignation I feel right now for the members of the U.S. Senate who voted for this outrageous violation of human rights, and the discontent they show towards the free will right of any individual to manage their health care, as they ultimately see fit. Such passage of this bill is an outrage to the men and women who have served this country with honor and distinction. We are not guinea pigs for the picking to test questionably determined medical remedies.

I for one, will not stand idly by while they try to sneak this through while many are paying attention to the affairs over in France, or the G20 Summit over in Turkey. I've had a taste of the government's so called inoculation programs, when in basic training at Fort Leonard Wood, I received the experimental drugs to go overseas, and within the hour after receiving such multiple shots, I was immediately rushed to the hospital, by ambulance, and in ICU, because my lungs had filled up with fluid as a result of a reaction to the "classified" materials they injected into me.

Since that time, I have dealt with respiratory issues, that require medical treatment at the VA. I am a disabled veteran. Since that day, I will no longer let them put any injections into me. I will not even allow a flu shot. There is no way anyone can tell me what it is that is in the syringe. Just because it is labeled something, doesn't mean it is that, and frankly, from my experience, you never get to see the syringe until they are injecting its contents into the arm of the patient.

It will be a cold day before I allow this government to stick anything in my arm again. I will refuse to the point of losing my benefits or more. The US Government and the Department of Veterans Affairs are not my source. God, my Heavenly Father, and His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ are!

Every veteran, believer, and conscious American citizen, should light up the switchboard of their representatives in the U.S. House, and demand that this bill be blocked from coming to the floor, or the provisions of Sec 101, Forced Immunization, be removed. We are human beings, with rights, unalienable rights, which come from God, and God only, and we have the right to determine the best course of health care for ourselves. All veterans should unit against this wicked, evil, attempt by the U.S. Government to poison our veterans with suspect inoculations, that they have no intention of telling us, what they are.

Enough is enough! We are not the U.S. War Department's biological test dummies! Up men, up and to your posts! Let no man, forget today, that we have sworn an oath to defend our Constitution, and to defend the rights of those, who are unable to defend themselves!

These are just my thoughts. If you wish to post this on your web-site, I ain't scared. Enough is Enough!

Nov 16, 2015

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