Dear Steve,

I just arrived home from a brief Christmas shopping trip. I was talking with a woman in the checkout line who had just returned from Paris. She and her husband flew out of London's Heathrow Airport, eventually landing in Phoenix. I couldn't believe what she told me, but then again, yes I could, sadly!

She told me that the majority of the plane was filled with Middle Eastern people, and "many of them" were brought on board in wheel chairs! Yes, you heard it right, wheelchairs. The funny thing is that during the flight, those same people, mostly young men around 18-19 years of age were "walking around the airplane", just fine during the flight. She said their countenance was quite hostile and she and her husband were so frightened they were making plans. I asked her quite seriously if their plans included getting right with God should the plane have gone down, to which I received no response.

At one point, she said the pilot walked through the plane, and also later the rest of the flight crew, as many of these "travelers" were "congregating" near the bathrooms in groups. They were very relieved when they finally landed safely in Phoenix!


Nov 18, 2015

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