UNREPORTED EARTHQUAKES :it makes you wonder why they would add earthquakes to the long list of things that the world government lies about on a daily basis.

There's been an amazing run of earthquakes here in the high Andes lately --
and there was a time when 10 to 30 minutes after a significant earthquake,
you could find the intensity, location (coordinates), and depth on any of
the many sites devoted to "earthquake tracking" shortly thereafter.

Not anymore.

Just last night at about 12:30 a.m. we had what we estimate to be a 4.0 to
4.5 here in south central Ecuador. Here it is 12 hours later and nothing
is reported, and this isn't the first time. We've had other significant
earthquakes over the past year and nothing appears on the quake sites. Our
expat neighbors are more shocked by this non-reporting than they are by the
earthquakes themselves. This is not unlike the "under-reporting" on the
severity of Fukushima radiation that I wrote about a few months ago -- (
http://www.altcancer.net/ashwin/ashw0715.htm . . . as we are recording
gamma and neutron ray bursts, along with a broad array of unnatural
radioactive isotopes from Japan, even here in South America).

What I'm noticing is an increase in under-reporting on anything that would
suggest that we are headed for a period of ungodly earth changes. For
whatever reason, those in authority don't want us knowing the severity of
the current trendline. Major earthquake sites say that Ecuador has had 33
earthquakes so far in 2015, and that's nonsense. I moved to this part of
Ecuador in 2007 specifically because it is well known that earthquakes do
not affect this part of the country. We went for years with little to no
earthquake activity. And now what do we have? Earthquakes happening
weekly, on average -- some reported, some not. Nothing yet in the 6.5+
range, mind you . . . but still substantial.

When you understand how they track these things, you understand that this
misinformation through omission can only be deliberate. And when you
understand that, it makes you wonder why they would add earthquakes to the
long list of things that the wor

Nov 19, 2015

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