CONCERNING BANK CLOSURES AND SHUTDOWNS- 'The final PR scripts for these monetary events are being written, and edited, and reviewed'....

Steve - I am responding to the possibilities of why bank branch employees
would be summoned to their branches at off-hours. My husband is a former
very highly-placed WF and Fed IT programmer. He said that branch employees
are PR, essentially. They are indoctrinated. Other than that, they "do"
nothing. They don't even put the fiat money into the ATM machines--for
"their own security" of course. When quizzed, they repeat themselves,
which means they follow a tightly-controlled script. THEY ARE ONLY PR
PEOPLE. Here's 2 possible scenarios. 1) On the appointed Friday night,
about 2 am, IT loads up new Scheiss Dollar values, including all
Dollar-denominated instruments, such as mortgages, CDs, and so forth.
When? He is believes this has already been written--and tested. IT has
until Sunday night to fix any bugs, and yes, he says, even programs of this
magnitude EASILY go off without a hitch. Programs that affect BILLIONS OF
DOLLARS are loaded this way ALL THE TIME. 2) On a particular Friday night,
the cyber-destruction program is loaded.

In either scenario, the IT team has loaded and checked the outcome.
Generally, PR people are all superfluous....except in two such scenarios,
because now the PR team is "needed" for the "script." On that Sunday
evening, late enough that they can tell very few people--and besides, it is
too late for their friends, relatives--or even themselves--to take out their
money, they will be told it is a National Emergency, and they are in a
position of Great Trust. They will be handed their new Q & A script and to
memorize by 8 am. They will be part of something "of great national
importance," "help to calm people," and other claptrap. The Q & A will
provide the usual bankalese jargon. These employees will believe--just
like they do now--that they really are doing their customers a great
service. If you don't believe me, try this humorous experiment at your
local branch. It's easy to reduce these people to absolute frustration.
Try opening an account that is not normal--give it some unusual
qualities--and keep adding complexities until they're frustrated enough to
actually turn their employee screens and SHOW you, saying things like, "I
have to select just ONE of these boxes!!!" at which point you have
accomplished your missions, and upon looking at them carefully, you invent
something that is not there, like "I'm a Non Governmental Organization"
which of course is evil, and you're making a joke, but they are so, so
absolutely clueless. You sigh and say you'll just try the bank down the
street. It is a very sorrowful experience. It is time to heavily pray for
the duped employees of America. When these innocents discover their
corruption in which they have been complicit (like my husband did) they
will be very, very, very angry--especially when they find out that they
have been complicit in theft. Only God can give them the resolution they
will require. It is best that they find God BEFORE, not AFTER. Each of us
must be quoting His Word to everyone we meet. I hardly trust myself to
speak my own, when I am looking into the eyes of the innocent sheep. Only
His Word has been promised to not come back void. The hour must be late.
The training programs of indoctrination have been step-wise, and are
advanced. And the final PR scripts for these monetary events are being
written, and edited, and reviewed....

Nov 22, 2015

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