BUCKHORN/BLOOMBERG PA-WALMART-'Soon you'll have two sons on the no-fly list'.


Was at Walmart yesterday (11-21-15) and overheard a young Middle-Eastern youth (perhaps 12-13) comment to the older man (mid to late 40's) with him, "Soon you'll have two sons on the no-fly list". A few minutes later, I saw these same two with two more who were in their late 20's-early 30's. This took place at the Buckhorn/Bloomsburg PA Walmart off of Interstate 80. Reported it to local PD. Please put this out for brothers and sisters in Christ in this area. Since this particular Walmart services travelers on Interstate 80, these individuals could've been enroute to someplace else OR are looking at doing something in this area. With the recent arrests in Newton Falls, Ohio, and considering that Newton Falls is only 9.5 miles north of Interstate 80, HEADS UP!!

Nov 22, 2015

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