Just to let you know about your alert posted about the shooting is a fraud is bogus.

1. NY Times photo of police outside Planned Parenthood at 3480 Continental. That sign is the Planned Parenthood Sign.

The building in the background is a skilled Nursing Facility, it's 3 stories, called The Center at Continual. It's address # is 3490. All the other photos and video show the surrounding area. It appears this did happen at planned parenthood.

2. The Colorado University Campus Police on their own website, clearly show armed police, and they highlight their in service training that includes firearm trainings w/ photos.

3. CUPD has a very close relationship with Boulder CO Police. They even train together and do respond via Mutual Aid calls. A shooting like this would be a mutual aid call.

In St. Louis area when an event like this happens. We had one in Earth City. We arrived on the scene 1st., observed the suspect go inside the office building and start shooting. But since it was St Louis CO jurisdiction we had to wait to act per guidelines. (They were changed after this incident).
When a mutual aid calls go out, every available officer in the surrounding jurisdictions respond as guidelines require.

Nov 28, 2015

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