A worldwide prayer from the body of Christ :We must stop David Cameron !

Steve as I lie hear in the UK at 1am in the morning struggling to sleep over the possible consequences of David Cameron getting a yes vote tomorrow on UK air strikes against Syria
I feel strongly led by the spirit to contact you in regards to you using your platform to put out a worldwide call for prayer against this action being voted on in the House of Commons tomorrow evening ?
as you know 2 years ago David Cameron tried to deceive the UK population and members of the government to allow him To attack and strike Syria then but I firmly believe that exposure to the false allegations made against president Assad regarding use of chemical weapons against his own people by the alternative media and prayers from true believers in Christ prevented this from happening praise God !
Now along with possible ratification of the global climate treaty in Paris and the possible implementation of agenda 21 which will come out of this treaty I feel that now more than ever the body of Christ must act in prayer to hold back the actions of these evil people !
So I ask you Steve if it is possible for you to put this call out to prayer to the true body of Christ to bring a mighty defeat to the new word order agenda as if Cameron was to lose a second vote on this issue he would be seriously wounded and totally powerless to attempt a third vote on any future actions in this regard !
I place this prayer now before our Lord Jesus Christ and ask that his will be done on this matter
Brother Andrew B.

Dec 2, 2015

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