My dad gave me a non fiction medical cloning report or manual, distributed in late 1950' to early 1960's, titled: "A man like me", to read.

Dear Steve,

My dad gave me a non fiction medical cloning report or manual, distributed
in late 1950' to early 1960's, titled: "A man like me", to read. Think
there was a subtitle, I don't recall the exact words. It most likely had
"twins" in it. It was explained to me later that "twins" were biologically
produced, clones. To my regret, I have not been able to locate his booklet
or a copy, to send to you.

As I recall, it seemed like first part was about clones, second part
explained exactly how the cloning experiments and favorable outcomes could
be achieved. Horrifying! Unfavorable clones were disposed of in the Miguel
fashion of horror, as they weren't really considered "people". Those
booklets seem to lineup with a great deal of your research, validating,
with their own literature, the South American labs and small towns with
twins and much more.

Suppose there were many twin sets, that were identical to many other twin
sets... According to my recall, the children or clones were moved
throughout the earth. Somehow this piece of information maybe important:
they were able to develop skin of many colors in there cloning. There were
twins with different colors of hair and eyes, within twin sets.

The children or clones were distributed to areas of where those skin colors
were native or dominant. Some adopted clone countries were mentioned as
possible enclaves, moving most but not all, out of South America. I only
ones I recall are USA, UK, Germany, other European countries, south seas
islands (I don't remember the names), this list is not conclusive, the
country list was extensive.

Another report or manual came a few months later, to my dad, a country MD
and former service doctor and former POW. The booklet was encouraged him
to place some children in homes, no twins to a single family, only single
children. However, since my dad was so greatly repulsed by the former
report, he wanted no part of placing these children in homes of neighbors
or former service friends homes. Seems like the request was to place with
only the educated and successful families.

Not sure how my dad was chosen to receive those booklets. I wonder if
other doctors or other service doctors or just country towns or cities were
to be the designated homes for those who were children in the late 1950's
to early 1960's.

You may already know of these kinds reports, or of something like them, but
if not please know they were. So sorry, I am unable to locate that booklet,
it has been lost to time, at least in my life or at least to me.

Thank you for taking your time to read my note.

Thank you for all your work and strong Strong in The Lord and the power of
His might, for all who read and listen to your works and for those who
someday will.

With Respect and Love in Christ,

Dec 27, 2015

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