Has it always been so blatantly obvious? The more of this that appears and has the fog of war lifted from it, the more I feel in my very being that we are approaching zero hour

Dear Mr. Quayle,

I was listening to your show on the Secret History regarding the Nazi's and
WWII with the Hagmann's and throughout it I kept going "I've heard this
before..." Each time I dismissed it because I kept distracting myself with
thoughts of the Avengers movies and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series
(which at the time I thought was silly, but kept rattling in my head). The
descriptions of secret Nazi organizations sounded so much like the workings
of the organization in that universe called Hydra. The organization spent
the next decades after WWII working within the system and getting members
in key positions throughout society, politics, and the
intelligence/military fields (Operation Paperclip helped them immensely)
with the key goal of causing so much chaos in the world that everyone in
the world would surrender their freedom in exchange for their guarantee of
security (gee...sounds familiar). In one of the movies it even showed how
a US Senator would whisper their salute in a comrade's ear while wearing a
pin of their organization's symbol. Now the movies (including the ones
done on specific heroes) have largely killed off this organization after
their attempt to overthrow the entire system from within. As I'm typing
this I remember also in the 2nd Captain America movie that they'd built a
system of three flying aircraft carriers that were armed as such to be able
to neutralize anyone capable of fighting back that had been marked and, by
some unmentioned means, were target-able from high altitude by their
genetic makeup for a large number of rail guns on the bottom of the ships.

Now for the stuff that the more I let my mind tug at the thread the more I
put things together. In the TV series there is a monolith of ancient
origin which when the proper vibrations were used (sound was the major one
but one of the characters has the power to vibrate things and could hold
open the portal on her own for a short time), would de-solidify and form a
puddle which was in fact a portal to another planet where no sun ever
showed. On this planet was a monster that had been driven out and
imprisoned there in the ancient past by the aliens who had made the
monolith and their creations (whom had powers of diverse sorts and had
named themselves inhuman after exposure to a certain crystal, activating
latent genes or turning them into fragile stone if this wasn't present as
they had to be descendants of the original Inhumans who'd been made by the
monolith Alien species). This creature that had been driven out was
worshiped by the ones who founded Hydra back in ancient times , sending
members of their organization through periodically to try and figure out
how to activate the portal from the other side so their glorious leader
could return to lead them in reshaping the earth to their whim. (Sounded a
lot like when you guys were talking of CERN and the opening of a
dimensional gateway and a lot like their intentions are).

Going back to those crystals I mentioned, a large number of them ended up
in the Gulf Stream after an underground city collapsed. The crystals were
then dissolved into the water and into a nearby school of fish. In the
next season the main person of the good guys is looking at a map tracking
the dispersion and it has gone global, and this is just after a man had
been afflicted with this change having taken Fish Oil pills. Right there
is genetic engineering to change us to Inhuman, the charge against the
healthy supplement industry (a propaganda shot at least), and how they
could be doing things to us without us realizing it just as you and the
Hagmann's have said. It gets worse because the organization that was set
up by the government to address this problem even had it's director fooled
by a member of Hydra into thinking they were storing the specimens they
captured until they found a cure, when in fact they were being worked into
weapons for that evil organization. Gee just replace humans with weapons
and isn't that how the weapons got into the evil hands of those in Syria (I
refuse to call them whatever name de'jour, but they are evil), by one
person thinking he is helping protect his government's interests when he's
actually playing into the hands of the enemy. Oh by the way the lady in the
TV show was killed off too to keep her quiet about the details.

I debated long and hard about writing this, maybe this is the way that God
has chosen to show me and when you receive this you will just see it as
someone else pointing out coincidences within popular culture. After
prayer though I felt I needed to at least point this out because it was
stuck in my head literally like a song on repeat. I know it is
presumptuous of me to think it could warrant posting to it, but please use
this as someone pointing to a point in popular culture to look at for
analogues (and maybe clues) and not something to publish on your website.
I desire no public fame or recognition, I'm not that kind of person which
is why I make it a point to say this. Save others, save not my ego. We
are at the times wherein even those whom God have kept on a short leash
must at least bark and point to something to help those He is using to
guide so many to Him.

Movie Summary (this is to my memory, these are the ones I've seen or have
basic understanding of)

Captain America- The Winter Soldier--- The Genetic Hitman flying Aircraft
Carriers. Hydra overthrow attempt, Brainwashing, merging of human and

The Avengers-- Opening of a portal allowing an invasion of an otherworldly
force which are the minions of a far distant entity/dictator

Avengers: Age of Ultron-- Artificial Intelligence and the controlling by it
of a large number of humanoid killer drones (didn't put that together until
as I wrote it and it sent chills up my spine)

Avengers of S.H.I.E.L.D-- ancient genetic engineering, ancient origins of
modern secret societies, sub-species of humanity (for some reason here the
bit about you talking specifically about the genetic pure subjects that
survived on the ark high light that for me), secret advanced technology,
use of sound and the building of very old buildings to focus such energies

This is just a cliff notes version. I'm sure the entire series of movies
and TV shows has little tidbits that when put together could coincide with
what you were talking about along with more even from my examples. This
entire movie universe was really started just after Disney bought the
rights to the Marvel comics back in the mid 2000's, but is largely still
based on the comic books that stretch all the way back to just after WWII.

All I can say after listening to that broadcast and now having written most
of the jumbling snippets of thought that have bounced around in my head
like a house full of kids pumped up on sugar is simple: Has it always been
so blatantly obvious?

The more of this that appears and has the fog of war lifted from it, the
more I feel in my very being that we are approaching zero hour. May God be
with you and those alongside you in these darkened times, for only through
Him may any of us find refuge in the storm to come.


Dec 28, 2015

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