Some insight into recent weather events being manipulated to direct weather war on TEXAS

Upon looking at and into the development of this major storm system, and others in the past, have found
That almost all that developed in Texas had the same exact point source of water vapor in the gulf. Located
At the bottom point of a triangle that would be new Orleans, Pensacola, and the hot spot of heated water
Approx. 100 miles out in the gulf, The huge amount of continuous flowing vapor above it begins to form a
Line of storms and becomes stronger northerly and forming a major system as the flow continues to feed it.
That point has always been there as the primary source of feed for its “monsters”, killer, destructive types.
The activity begins with a very strong pulse of energy at the point which then continues in strength all the
While heating the water thus creating huge amounts of water vapor that rises up. “Something” is there and
Once “turned on” develops storms of mass destruction. “It” has been there for a period of time, goes active for
Various lengths of time, then finally goes to off mode so the water vapor source cools down. The energy source
Can be pinpointed. Have referred to it several times in past, and it continues to develop monster storms over time.
The energy shows itself in the form of a VLF pulse, then pulses, continuing, all at that same point. Interesting at
Least, damning evidence of a “creation” point at most. Weather watcher. Jesus is Lord.

Dec 28, 2015

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