The hairs on my neck went up when I saw the article about ant behavior modification using "drugs"

Dear Steve,

The hairs on my neck went up when I saw the article about ant behavior modification using "drugs". With great certainty I can state that this is a HUMAN program which is currently in the delivery phase among the live population in the U.S.

I know this because I was involved in a deep mind-control program for more than a decade, during which period I underwent chip implantation, travel by teleportation, physical contact with hybrids/chimeras, and weapons and drugs testing. (This was all before I got saved and delivered by the power of the Name of our Lord JESUS.)

About seven years ago, I was told point-blank by one of the program operators, "We have CHEMICALS which, once introduced into the brain, can 'permanently alter behavior'."

When I saw the article about the ant "experiment", I immediately noticed the IDENTICAL LANGUAGE, with the difference that the word "drugs" was used in place of the word "chemicals". So noting, I at once scrolled through the article, searching for the word "chemical" -- and I KNEW I would find it.

I found it here:

"The hope here is that we can at last unlock the CHEMICAL mechanisms that help us engage in social activities like sharing work tasks and divvying up jobs. Perhaps these discoveries will even be relevant to mammals like humans."

The use of IDENTICAL LANGUAGE indicates that this article is a SIGNPOST -- that is, a publicly-given gesture meant to INFORM MEMBERS OF THE LARGER PROGRAM THAT THIS SPECIFIC PROGRAM IS IN THE LIVE DELIVERY PHASE. The use of key phrases and terms is one of the ways that shadow project collaborators communicate with each other.

I don't make bets, but if I were a betting man, I would bet with 99% confidence that at least one of the delivery venues coincides with the widening push to legalize marijuana.

God bless you, brother,

Chris in Taiwan

Jan 3, 2016

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