Now hear me out yall, I know I may seem like just another crazy Christian, Redneck, US Marine Veteran, COP from Texas...but I think I'm on to something here.

Now hear me out yall, I know I may seem like just another crazy Christian, Redneck, US Marine Veteran, COP from Texas...but I think I'm on to something here..

So Obama wants to pander to his special interest groups, ethnic groups, investors, parents, politicians and the victims of gun violence by simply stating that if he can just make it harder to own a firearm and place pricey biometric access and locking systems on the firearms that this will somehow make people safer from acts of random gun violence...but yet a woman in Sin City ran over 30 some odd people with her car while shouting alah akbar, and this is never not brought up by him? Why? Is it because she's black? A Muslim sympathizer?...she ran over more people than a standard 30 round "high capacity magazine" holds yet, no comments and no boo hooing...ok...

The Boston marathon bombing killed and seriously wounded how many people Mr. PRESIDNET? Muslims terrorist supposedly did this one as well.

A guy in Oklahoma cuts the head off of one of his coworkers while shouting alah akbar and yet there's no cry for back ground checks for people wanting to buy sharp objects, cars or cooking devices...this was also a jihad style attack. Hey Barrack, I see a pattern here too!

Black lives matter can burn down our cities and trash our the towns in this country yet there is no cry to stop this kind of violence either? "Race issue" they claim or just mischievous kids acting out against police brutality...let me catch a punk do that down here in the great country of Texas...let's see how big a boy are ya?

Planned parent hood kills millions of babies and no tears shed by the Muslim and Chief..that's Obama by the way..the babies get nothin...

Gangs in every major city fight constantly over who runs the drug empires, prostitution rings, gun smuggling businesses, major auto theft and oh by the way these drugs kill more people than "guns" do, still no out cry backed by his faux tears for combating gang violence and a national threat by gangland warfare, which strangely is support by welfare?

There's more to this gun violence agenda than meets the eye people is what I'm saying. And why does he say we need to do this now??? Whats this crap? And What crime does that actually stop? And last I heard Mr. President it is actually not a crime for someone to shoot themselves in hopes to commit suicide, this is not a crime by our laws, even tough you for whatever reason mentioned that gun control will stop this ONE kind of suicide..Obama if people want to kill themselves, they will find another way, even if you ban guns. You ever seen someone tandem dive from a multiple story building or bridge without a parachute? I have...don't have to have a gun to kill ones self Obama, nice try..

Obama is about as slick as that relative of his who gave this lady an apple in some garden I heard about that ruined a lot of good things for the rest of us, sound familiar?

The most honest thing the POTUS could have said during this whole entire speech is this
" America, My fellow citizens, and all the idiots takingmme seriously, there's nothing I can do that will stop people from killing each other in this country. (Pause...lookn left, lookn right, check teleprompter...and speak) However comma, there is something I can do that will stop people from being able to defend one another and their families; and thats gun control. And if you support me with this way of thinking and with your votes then you will help me kill more Americans! Alah akbar and hail satan!"....(time to go golfing)

Why does Obama want this to happen now? Like right now? Before he is out of office?Well..maybe there's a unique reason for that. And a little birdy told me that it might be because armed citizens are as big a threat to this nation as terrorist are...the little bird is Obama...and he is scared of a fully armef America. He said that a few days ago on live TV but yet no one gives a damn. Not until it's too late. Then your either giving a damn and having to sell your Porsche 911 to buy a used diesel 4x4, some emergency rations and a few guns with the matching bullets hopefully...or your stuck buying the new Obama gun and a hover board and having to register with the prebeast the way that access controls on that gun won't let you shoot the damn thing unless you rub it like Alladin did with the genies lamp...

Listen to the man ye Christians with ears to hear, he is telling you what he is going to do. And if you don't stand up for your rights and resist, then your letting him take away your God given right, that Jesus preaches about, to protect yourself and your family..Read Luke. For if you neglect these warnings then those of you intellectuals with eyes to see will bare witness to your own demise and you will become slaves to the beast and will bare his mark.

But this trendy nation will go right along with Obama's gun control antics and then you'll beg for more security, which means more guys with more guns.... You know what I wish was trendy, a little common sense. Now that, might actually save this country but common sense and self preservation is frowned upon by this administration. But as I've said before your president and thief has been given to us by God, to judge us. Yall wanted the dope and slang, whoops I meant hope and change, well ya got it.

Now I here you people tell me that Americans and Christians shouldn't listen to those weird guys like Steve Quayle, Pastor David Lankford, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Tom Horn, Tim Alberino, Chris Putnim, LA Marzulli, Ron and Rand Paul, Crazy Ass Alex Jones, Jesus and his prophets and others just to name a few; because they're crazy and don't know what they are talking about and are just trying to scare people...You know a long time ago, in a country far, far, away...a good man named Noah heard from the Lord that the world was gonna flood and all things would be destroyed. So Noah tried telling the kind folks around him about this but Most denied his claims and scoffed but a few listened, those were his kids. After the ark was complete and Noah and his family and the animal kingdom was sealed inside the Ark by the Lord, the flood waters started rushing in...and all the people who remembered that crazy guy Noah and his claims of the world being destroyed by water rushed through their minds like the waters rushing around their think those ignorant masses regretted not at least considering Noah's warnings? I bet they wish they had at least a plank to surf on..

It's the same thing here people. Keep your guns, keep your right to purchase and own guns, and if you don't have one, get one. Jesus said sell your cloak and buy a sword, not listen to the antichrist and buy an iPad..The flood gates are opening on the Executive Branches Dam of Decisions yall! What will you do when your flooded with the laws of the beast and these laws won't even permit you to have a life saving device? Which is really all a firearm is.

God bless you all, God bless this country and those who seek to NOT destroy it and it's peoples. And God be with us all during these terrible times. If you don't know our Lord Jesus, I suggest you seek Him and allow Him to save you because only Jesus can walk on water, and the floods a coming.

Jan 7, 2016

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