Good day to you Mr. Quayle,

I have been listening to you and reading your work for it seems like a year
or two. Want to tell you thank you for all you do. I can tell you have a
heart from God. You speak with such clarity and purpose.

I am in the US Navy, I have been in over 11 years now. My job in the navy
is a Firecontrolman(electronics/weapon systems), right now I am a
recruiter. I can tell you right now I am scared for this country. First off
the dumbing down of our schools, I get to see the product first hand,
probably before anybody else. These kids are not very smart today. It is
really scary, but what really is not cool about what I do is knowing that I
might be getting people in the navy and with the way he world is going,
something bad might happen down the road.

I was really wondering if you happen to find it really odd about the timing
of this 2 vessel 10 sailor thing with Iran, on the same day as the SOTU
address, then days later on Saturday there is a prisoner swap. It sounds
incredibly fishy to me, like maybe there was some type of transaction that
took place with those 2 vessels being captured. It really makes no sense to
me, why in the world would that have happened, a carrier happens to be in
those very waters, other warships are there also. It seems like they were
ordered to be there and do what they did. I just have this weird feeling
about it.

Really just wanting to hear your thoughts on it. Keep up the great work,
and hopefully I will hear back from you. Have a blessed day.
-Derek-NAVY----------- SECOND E-MAIL- I'm starting to wonder what was really in the boats the Sailors were
captured in! They claim they took their GPS I think it was something else.
WE delivered something to them for the release of those 4 to make it look
good. The release had nothing to do with what transpired on those boats!!
That's my gut feeling..BE ready, we could be nuked soon while the powers to
be are hiding in a underground shelter. What do you think? LUCY

Jan 17, 2016

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