Amazing Revelation From African American Brother In The Lord Jesus concerning un-forgiveness as the Root cause of Racism and Division In Christian Church

Steve I am a African American. I am concerned at what satan is doing not
> only to the church but to the Black Gentile through the brainwashing of
> Obama Regime. In many cases they are voting for him just because he is
> black. God gave me a revelation that the reason He is not alerting alot of
> the church especially African American Christians thru visions and dreams
> that perilous times are here now and Gods judgement is upon us is because
> of the prejudice and unforgiveness in their hearts. Churches carry on in
> there prosperity gospel which is of the devil... like nothing is going on
> and we need to wake up. I was pretty much rebuked by a Uncle of mine when I
> put this revelation on Facebook to alert people. God revealed to me that
> Blacks that came from Africa should be giving him praise and thanks for
> bringing them from Africa where we used to practice witchcraft, Islam, and
> various Pagan religions. Even though we came on slave ships it was Gods
> plan so we the Black gentiles could also here the Gospel of Jesus Christ
> and be saved. The founding fathers of this nation were Christian and God
> let us come over even as slaves just so we could here the Gospel and be
> apart of the great nation of America. People need to realize that if God
> would allow the Jews, Gods chosen people to be enslaved in Egypt (where He
> had a plan to bring them out by using his Vessel Moses) we as African
> Americans must understand it was Gods will for us come to America as slaves
> period! The reason we as a people are not hearing from God is because we
> have not let go and let God rid our hearts of any malice towards our
> causcasion brothers for any wrong that may have occured. If we could only
> realize it was Gods plan so we could be saved. Africa in its current state
> has been devastated by famine, sickness etc and God brought many black
> people out of that. We must let God deal with any prejudice, racism, etc if
> we want to hear from God. I love you, the Hagmanns, Alex Jones, Rick Wiles.
> Keep doing your work for God. I thank God for the Holy Spirit.
> --R.H.

Oct 16, 2012

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