I pledge allegiance to the flag
(Are there men left who will hold true to a pledge? We have become a people of lies led by liars.)
Of the United States of America
(Are we any longer individual states in union or are we all subjects of the Federal government?)
And to the Republic
(Our Republic is gone and a corporation stands in its place attempting to placate the masses with de facto rule.)
For which it stands
(The flag can only stand for something if the people stand for something, the people no longer stand for anything and the Nation has fallen.)
One Nation under God
(Are we a nation? A nation must have borders which we do not, and we are not under God but we have put God under; under our feet, under our selfish desires, under the dust of the memories of a once great nation.)
(We are grossly divided and the division grows wider each day.)
With liberty
(Liberty, like America past is now a memory, liberty left when we evicted God from our Nation.)
And justice for all
(Justice vanished with liberty and with God. Justice is only found in the justice of God Almighty and a righteous people who follow that God. “For all” only includes all the politically chosen)
The pledge of allegiance to the flag, though not part of our founding documents reiterated the patriotic feelings of most Americans. It is now but a forgotten verse, part of the history of a once great nation that marched into destruction as did all the great nations of history. We marched into destruction, we did not fall. To fall would imply that it was without intent. Our destruction has come with intent. The elements all great Nations of history had in common was their destruction and demise came with the loss of morals, the loss of integrity, the loss of liberties and the loss of faith in God. Alex de Tocqueville said “America is great because she is good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” When America finds God we will once again find the forgotten America.
Randy Conway

Feb 2, 2016

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