Hey Steve,
I was listening to K-Love (local Christian radio station) and at 5:30am this morning they had an advertisement for "crisis response training." They described it as receiving training for "a national scale emergency or crisis in your own home." Basically clergy response teams. This lines up with what you, Dave Hodges, and Pastor Walt Mansfield have been talking about for years! The website link they gave was "" and obviously at the bottom is the fema logo. Very disturbing because I know of churches in my area that are a part of clergy response teams and I believe the wording they used for them was "mercy teams" or something to that effect. Asking people to disarm and await genocide in a FEMA camp is not too merciful to me...

Thanks for all you do,
Nick Vandalia is known as "the crossroads of America" because it is where I-75 and I-70 intersect (i.e. your alert about highways used for military travel) I witnessed two black hawk helos practicing touch and go's in a grass field this summer back in August during Jade Helm 15 so I believe the airport could possibly be an important staging grounds once shtf. NICK S

Feb 19, 2016

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