MONSTERS ARE BEING BORN NOW:Doctors said a few months ago they had a baby born that had 6 fingers, 6 toes and only had one eye.

I have only recently in the last 2 years began to discover the giants and
Enoch along with many other topics that you talk about. My journey led to
you about a year ago and I have been talking to my older daughter who lives
in Kansas and she has begun her journey through the rabbit holes ( thats
what we call them). My reason for writing is becouse my daughter is a
respiratory therapist in Kansas and she recentliy started a new job working
She asked the Dr.s what was the strangest thing they had seen and
their response shocked her. They said a few months ago they had a baby born
that had 6 fingers, 6 toes and only had one eye. The baby was mentally
retarded and they basically sent him home to die. They didnt expect him to
live long. Well we wanted to know if the Nephilim bloodline is still in
some of the humans nowadays. Or is it making a come back. Can we expect to
see more of this in the near future. I noticed that no one ever mentioned
this on the news. I dont think they they were lying. Just how many of these
babies are born and we are not told. If you have an answer maybe you could
email it when you have time. Thanks. HERE IS WHAT THE COMMON ENGLISH BIBLE IN THE (APOCRYPHA STATES IN 2 ESDRAS 5:7-9 )The sea of Sodom will cast up fish; it will utter sounds in a voice that many don’t know, but all will hear its voice. 8 Chasms will open up in many places, and fire will be shot forth frequently. Wild beasts will roam beyond their territory, and women will give birth to monsters. 9 Salt waters will be found in sources of freshwater. Friends everywhere will begin to fight each other. Reason will be hidden, and intelligence will go into hiding.

Feb 23, 2016

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