The following short poem addresses the fact that wearing the armor is to fight the forces of evil, not to shine up and look good when we go to church.

Satan’s army stands full force and they hurl their fiery darts.
With legion upon legion they’re aiming for your heart.
So few who know we’ve been supplied with armor and a sword,
and that the victory is ours when Jesus Christ is Lord.
If it seems at times the enemy has the upper hand,
it’s because we shine our armor and we fail to take a stand.
There’s no time to stand at ease, we must be always ready for the fight.
So I don my armor now to be a soldier of the light.
On the day when heaven’s army comes with flaming swords of fire,
the final battle will be won and chains will bind the liar.
The heavens will resound as hooves beat against the sky
and the saints and angels will descend from their camp on high.
On that day I hope I’m am found with armor not shining bright,
but rather shows the signs and scars of being in the fight.
So Christian heed the call today be a soldier of the cross,
for every battle won today is truly satan’s loss.
As soldiers we must remain prepared, for we don’t battle flesh and blood,
but principalities and powers in a dark and raging flood.
By Randy Conway

Mar 2, 2016

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