RANDY CONWAY-The Pale horseman is riding hard and death and hell are on his heels When he arrives there is no escape and the entire earth will feel

There was a time, when in the quiet of the night;

A distant sound of horses I thought that I could hear
Riders on the clouds continually drawing near.
No longer reserved for the quiet is the sound ringing in my ear
I feel the vibration of their hooves because the riders they are here.

One of the riders has set his course,
He has pulled the reigns, and has turned his horse.
The prints of hooves mark the sky and the land
He rides with a bow held tight in his hand.

Those in the path of this white horse will fall
to their demise for ignoring God’s call.
He is bent upon man’s defeat
And nations soon will lie at his feet.

No longer do I only hear, but now I see
A red horse, with a rider mounted on this steed.
The sword he wields strikes the minds of men
And a hate filled delusion has consumed every one of them.

A ubiquitous blackness fills the sky for a rider on a black horse has arrived.
He weighs the gold with scales which he holds high.
Now money has no value soon even bread it will not buy.
In a shelter beneath a bridge I can hear the hungry cry.

A fourth horseman rides and the whole earth turns pale,
Death comes with many faces; a pandemic races while medicine fails
The excruciating pains of hunger haunt the bellies of the children
The crows take flight to eat the dead; they feast in flocks of millions

The Pale horseman is riding hard and death and hell are on his heels
When he arrives there is no escape and the entire earth will feel
The fury of demons, evil reptilians and the death that Hades seeks
A fourth of mankind will fall as he rides; both the strong and the weak.

He rides not alone but he has unleashed
The bear the lion and other beasts.
Man for refuge will diligently seek,
But man is now the wild one’s feast.

The whole earth soon will violently quake.
The sun will turn black; the face of wraith.
Blood fills the moon that hangs in the night.
Stars fall from the heavens unable to sustain their flight.

But soon the heavens will rip open for all to see
yet another rider mounted on His steed.
On a white horse he comes to judge and to make war
A sword like lighting from his mouth will swiftly soar.

All the armies of heaven will ride with Him
Striking down the nations who covenant with sin.
He will rule them with an iron scepter
And the evil ruler He has intercepted.

When the horsemen have completed their ride
A wondrous thing is prophesied
The Kingdoms of this world will become the Kingdoms of our Lord
They will be the Kingdoms of His Christ, and all heaven worships God in one accord.

Jesus Christ will tread out the winepress of the wrath of God
God will be shown to the world even as He is shown through Gog.
And on that day all of man, and all of Satan's hordes
Will bow their knees before the King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.

On that day it will be too late to make your choice
Today is the day of salvation, listen now to the Watchman’s voice.
There will be no surviving the days ahead by any natural means
Your future is dependent upon your repentance and the grace of the coming King.

By Randy Conway

Mar 5, 2016

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