The timing of things to come are in God's hands as are those who belong to Him.


Politicians are playing games with the lives of the masses without remorse
And many of “them” have been played, when you track their successes to its source.
And the games go on day after day
Can we believe half of what we see or anything they say?

Scandal and death follow the lives of leaders like a plague
The truth behind the fallen in their wake is obscure and vague.
Those who seek to expose the truth are scandalized or dead
So many lies, theories and stories it makes brave men fear to tread.

There is treason and treachery by those we have voted for and trusted
And yet those who stand for righteousness are the only ones accosted.
How many government branches and agencies operate outside of their designated purview?
To control the masses, appointed and elected officials, are playing The Taming of the Shrew.

So many questions remain unanswered regarding office holders and candidates
Those who would seek the answers are labeled terrorist and put into the “database.”
Eligibility, acts of treason and cover ups are all a part of the game that’s played.
“Wanting”, will be the results when in the balance the players are ultimately weighed.

But the players are just pieces, movable parts, in a much bigger game
Played by hidden faces, with a dark agenda, from which they will not refrain.
The game stays the same and has been played for eons, only the players change
This Luciferian agenda to devour and destroy always has remained.

The Republic of the United States, by mystical orders, was long ago usurped
And like other empires of history we have become an historical excerpt.
Empires and nations from age to age have risen and have fallen
And the power elite have always been Satan’s personal golem.

Money changes hands while people are bought and sold
And the moneychangers are obsessed with the desire for more control.
The people suffer daily while the elitist prepare and horde their gold
But there is something changing for the final bell of this age has tolled.

Political playing is a worldwide phenomenon, but America has perfected the game.
The Elite and the Electorate, the evil roots and rules of the contest, all remain unchanged.
A contest between good and evil where the innocent are played
And now the judging hand of God is coming; it will no more be stayed.

Whether you are a player or one who is being played it makes no difference.
From the coming judgment there is but one sure source of deliverance.
There is coming a righteous judge to judge the players and the played
And deliverance is reserved for those who repented when they prayed.

Politicians stand before us with their mouths spewing rehearsed rhetoric
Are they controlled by unseen forces? Are they righteous or chimeric?
World leaders playing war games and their own subjects are the pawns
And the skies have become darkened being filled with huge black swans.

The events of tomorrow will be unlike any ever before
And were the days not shortened man would be no more.
I refuse to be played; I will rather fight with armor and a sword
Than to fall a victim of this orchestrated game this unholy dissonant chord.

The game played by the powers of the air will come to its demise
When the appointed time has come and our Lord breaks through the skies.
Christ will put an end to the evil games and to war and strife,
But woe to those whose names are not found in His Book of Life.

Today and again tomorrow we will be faced with choices we must make
But soon the time for choices will be done and for many it will be too late.
Too late to repent, too late to accept the free gift that God has offered
And what does it profit to lose your soul to fill your earthly coffers?

Politics and the game of it is looking for a physical solution in a carnal institution
But Spiritual problems cannot be solved with natural carnal resolution.
Today, laid before the gamers and the gamed, is the same choice of life or death
Choose you this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house
We will serve the Lord until our final breath.

By Randy Conway
Deu. 30:9-19

Mar 7, 2016

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