Will Trump Protest By Black Lives Matte,r Lead to Duduman's Communist Revolution

This morning Dr. Carson tried to make peace and unify the Republican party. Now I see that there are massive protests going on now at a Trump ralley. This is precisely what I was expecting (especially with Dumitru's warning and the prepping of riot gear, escalating rhetoric, etc.). . Remember that Obama flat out stated that Trump would never be President, AND he and his cronies are "community organizers" accustomed to using race and progressive socialism to stir up protests, even violent protests. For now it's "peaceful," but that won't likely last long as tempers and passions flare. Don't kid your selves. This is the beginning of nothing less than a Communist revolution. Black Lives Matter are the main brown shirts this time, just like ACORN was when Obama first came to power. The TPTB insist upon dividing the Republican party, especially with the threat of a closed convention. Obama and his forces continue to divide the country along every imagineable lines, racial, religious, social, economic, regional, you name it. This house is divided. Obama's roots in Kenya and in the Progressive movement following Rules for Radicals will necessarily force this into a violent confrontation. It's sad that calmer and more logical minds like that of Dr. Ben Carson will not prevail. With massive protests and violence, Obama will have the excuse he wants to delcare a national emergency, suspend elections, and stay in power indefinately. That's no doubt the plan anyway.JDF

Mar 11, 2016

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