This is along the same lines as the previous post. In seems to me that the
reluctance of banks to give depositors their money (which is spreading)
will make the impending riots this summer a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To-wit :
Yesterday, my cousin went to his Bank of America branch in Sylmar, CA to
withdraw a couple thousand dollars. He knows EVERYBODY at that branch,
from the tellers up to the branch manager. The teller, whom he knows well,
told him that he couldn't allow the withdrawal because the bank didn't have
a signature card on file. I can't imagine what a lie this big could
possibly accomplish, since you cannot OPEN an account (let alone several)
without a signature card on file. When my cousin asked to speak to the
Branch Manager, the Manager told my cousin, "I'm going to allow your
request this time, but I cannot guarantee I'll be able to honor future
withdrawal requests . . . " My cousin just froze.

As soon as my cousin got out of the bank, he called me with all the
details. NOW he is having to think of "workaround solutions" to get the
rest of his funds out of that bank. If this is happening to my cousin,
then it has to be happening to thousands of other depositors. Referring
back to the previous alert from Clovis, CA, it makes perfectly good sense
that bullet proof glass is in high demand by the big banks. As it is,
during this same visit to the Sylmar branch, there was a black man in the
next line, waiting patiently for his money. After several minutes, the
teller told the bank customer flat-out that he could not withdraw any
funds. No reasonable explanation. Just . . . we cannot give you any funds
at this time.

In a fit of rage, this man started screaming, " . . . You better gimme my
m*****-f***** money outta this m*****-f***** bank RIGHT NOW!" Security was
called over to escort the man out of the bank.

You're going to see millions of incidents, large and small, as this
phenomenon spreads across the country. If you take a little time to
meditate on that and follow the sequence of events as to where it leads, it
doesn't take much intelligence to see how they're going to fill up those
FEMA camps before fall's end.

For years, my neighbors and I have TALKED about the coming collapse. Now
we're in mid-kaboom, watching from South America as the wheels come off the


Apr 16, 2016

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