MONEY WITHDRAWAL AND BANK HARASSMENT*Same old song & dance that's proliferating*** GREENVILLE,SC


More to add concerning withdrawals upon the icing of the cake. Visited the
ATM at Wells Fargo just the other day. Didn't know that $800 was the limit,
so I proceeded with a $950 dollar withdrawal. Of course, it was rejected.
The message on screen was $800 max. So, I enter 8 hundred, & then it was
denied again (due to a maximum withdrawal amount exceeding the daily

I then decide to hit the drive thru to withdraw. I was meticulous in asking
the teller to make sure that no funds were pulled from my account due to
the error at the ATM. All was good, & I still requested my $950. After
giving her ID, moments later she wanted a 2nd one. And now those creepy
cameras are becoming more heinous.

Thanks for all you do in waking up the masses,


Apr 17, 2016

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