UPDATE :Military trucks arrived in my small town of Williamston, Michigan: ALERT WAS NOT ACCURATE

Military trucks arrived in my small town of Williamston, Michigan. This is a community center and a former middle school in the 50's - 90's. Previously, it was an old WWII bomb shelter. Recently an investor bought it and is renovating it. They also put up fences and cameras. Now, military trucks are being parked in the back of the old building. This old building is perfect for a military outpost because the basement walls have enormous concrete walls. Williamston rarely ever sees military equipment going through our town. Now military vehicles are parked in our town. This is also near a railroad track and a gated football field with high fences. Please download my photos. -Matthew , Williamston Michigan" SECOND WITNESS--Did a Motorcycle Recon of Williamston to verify the noted "Threat" and .............NOTHING TO SEE HERE. I actually talked to a Contractor guy doing MORTAR work on the building.... You know, the filling in of cracks between the bricks. So talking to the guy making cosmetic repairs to the "Community Center, I asked about the military vehicles. Well, the guy who runs/owns the Community Center, that was built in 1929 BTW, bought the 3 OLD HUMVEES to pull parade floats that the Community Center attendees work on for various festivals/events."

Apr 18, 2016

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